This post will be a collection of the ideas and strategies that find their way from to my email on a daily basis.  We actively encourage staff to share good practice, what’s worked (and what hasn’t!), and my inbox is rapidly filling with photos and explanations of the BLUE learning being used across the school. 

Year 9 Spanish (Mrs Graham)

“In Year 9 Spanish we have used the Magenta Principle ‘Assemble’ to broaden knowledge of the geography of Spain. Pupils started the lesson with a blank map of Spain in their exercise books, which they had to label using their prior knowledge. Pupils were then taught the compass points, shown a short video and were given a fact-file with information about key cities/coast & mountain ranges. In groups, pupils then had to ‘assemble’ this information on their own giant map of Spain giving as much detail possible.

The next step is to ‘assemble’ a human map, using laminated cards.

GCSE Health and Social Care (Mrs Shorting)

“My year 11 girls have been learning about nutrition and today we tried something a bit different. We had to find lots of information about the vitamin Bs and C.  Each station featured a different vitamin with info about its function and what food source you can find it in.  Also they had a sample of food to try with that vitamin in it! The girls had to move around the stations filling their forms in (they had 15mins),  then they were given their differentiated apple tasks.

  • Green apples – to have all of the info typed checking the spellings were all correct
  • Yellow apples – to research what happens when you do not have enough vitamin c in your diet
  • Red apples – were given the full sheet of vitamins and had to research the deficiency of each one

The students were excellent and shocked me at how adventurous they were! Half of them tried the herring roll mops! I will definitely be trying this format again.”