We’ve been waiting ages for today.  Finally, we can tell everyone that we achieved an Outstanding grading in our Ofsted inspection at the end of February; we are absolutely delighted!  We now join a small group of schools that have successfully made the jump from Requires Improvement to the pinnacle of outcomes.

From a Teaching and Learning perspective, here are some of our favourite comments from the report, which really demonstrate the work we’ve done through our extensive CPD programme:

  • “The quality of teaching, learning and assessment is outstanding.”
  • “Teachers enjoy their work and are confident to take risks and to experiment to develop their practice further.  They regularly reflect on and debate how they teach and there are many opportunities for them to share their ideas with one another.”
  • “Teachers feel actively involved in their own learning and development and are highly complimentary of the support they receive.”
  • “Teachers have high expectations, are enthusiastic and they enjoy teaching.  The vast majority of lessons are engaging and capture pupils’ interest.  As a result, teaching leads to rapid progress over time.”
  • “As a result of excellent training, teachers are highly skilled in ensuring the work they provide is tailored to challenge different levels of ability within each class.  The work in pupils’ books shows how the most-able pupils go into each topic more deeply and extend their level of understanding.”
  • “Training and the professional development of teachers have a high profile in the school.  Teachers meet to reflect on and debate how they teach every week.  There are regular opportunities for teachers to share their ideas with one another.  The more experienced teachers are highly supportive of their colleagues.  Teachers regularly have opportunities to observe one another, as the school promotes an ‘open door’ policy.”
  • “Teachers mark pupils’ work regularly and consistently in line with the school’s policy.  Pupils receive detailed feedback on what they have done well and what they need to do to improve.”
  • “”Teachers also focus effectively on spelling, punctuation and grammar.  Pupils take real pride in their work and the vast majority of pupils present their work very well.”
  • “Teachers are highly skilled at developing pupils’ reading, writing and communication skills as well as their skills in mathematics across a range of subjects.”
  • “Pupils show highly positive attitudes and an enthusiasm for learning.  They take part confidently in lessons and take pride in their work.  They concentrate well in lessons and collaborate effectively with one another.”