GCSE Results

We are delighted to be celebrating our best ever GCSE results in 2015. These are a phenomenal set of results for the cohort as a whole as well as some incredible success stories for individual students. This is the third year in a row we have seen significant improvements in our progress and attainment, our progress last year put us in the top 26% of all schools Nationally. We pride ourselves in catering for students of all abilities and celebrate students who have achieved 14 A*- A grades as well as those who have achieved their personal best, who don’t always find school easy.

  • 61% of students achieved 5+ GCSE’s A*-C including English and maths
  • 76% of students attained 5+ A*-C in all subjects
  • Over 45% of all grades were A*-B
  • The above statistics are based on a curriculum diet of predominantly pure GCSE courses

Some particular success stories to name a few, include:

  • Carla Melaco achieved an amazing 13 A* – A grades,11 of which are A*
  • Jade Skinner achieved an amazing 11A*- A grades of which 6 were A*
  • Aasef Ahmed  achieved an amazing 10 GCSE’s of which 5 were A* – A grades
  • Jonny Stiles 10 GCSE’s all A grades with 6 A* grades
  • Ciaran McClelland achieved 11 GCSE’s, 8 of which were A*-A grades

We are incredibly proud of our achievements and these results are once again testimony to the hard work of staff, students and parents, confirming that we are a very good school that provides a fantastic all round education for our students. Tracy Crowder Headteacher   Where can I find out how Monkseaton’s GCSE results compares to other similar schools? The Department for Education (DFE) allows you as parent or member of the public to view and compare similar schools with similar profiles through looking at the Performance Tables and the Ofsted data dashboard which can be accessed through clicking on the links below.


  • The most impressive improvement to report is the 7% rise in the number of students achieving 5+ A*-C including English and Maths.
  • The English department have attained their highest results on record both at the A*-A boundary with 12% and the A*-C boundary and in terms of progress. English Literature has also achieved its highest results for the second year in a row with 69% A*-C and 14% A*-A. The Maths department have also achieved their highest ever results- with 16% A*-A grades, 69% A*-C grades a 7% rise on 2013. They have also achieve their highest progress measures on record.
  • Early indication shows that IT has performed exceptionally well with an outstanding 41% of grades attaining A*- A and over 90% at the A*-C threshold. Many subjects have done exceptionally well again Science, Art, GCSE Catering, French, Further Maths and Media have all achieved over 80% or above at the A*-C threshold. As in previous years BTEC performance also continues to be very strong in Science and Health & Social Care. PE and Technology have made significant improvements from last year.
  • The school has exceeded its predicted targets and now has eliminated any ‘in-house’ variation between subjects.
  • All schools, but especially those who offer a broad range of both BTEC and GCSE courses have seen a drop in their 5+A*-C figure due to new reporting restrictions and weightings. We are delighted with our 5+A*-C figure maintaining a very healthy 75% and is comparable with other schools nationally and locally.
  • The achievement of disadvantaged students which makes up approx. 40% of our cohort has exceeded national averages where students nationally attain 37% 5+A*-C including English and Maths. Our students have achieved 57% and make above national progress. With the Gap between their attainment and their peers narrowed.
  • Achievement of the most able students has been a school improvement focus and we have some remarkable individual stories of success attached below.


ATTAINMENT MHS 2011 MHS 2012  MHS 2013  MHS 2014(2013 method) MHS 2015
5+ACEM 53% 52% 51% 55%↑  61%
5AC 83% 86% 90% 90% (67% under new measure) 76%
5AG 99% 97% 99% 99%  100%
% A*-C English 66% 69% 59% 61%  72%
% A*-C Maths 63% 58.6% 63% 67%  69%
% A*-C 2X Science 82% 87% 83% 92.7% See individual breakdown

A reminder of what changes have taken place this year and last

  • For all GCSE subjects there was no opportunity to take their GCSEs early or to have multiple goes at exams. A student’s first result in a GCSE would count in school performance measures, rather than their best result for an individual student they will still be able to count their best result. This has only applied to English Language this year.
  • Overnight last year the exam unit in English language contributed 60% towards a student’s grade (was 40%) and coursework the remaining 40%- speaking and listening was removed.
  • Most subjects have seen strengthened content and more stringent assessment of coursework in many subjects including BTEC.
  • Only subjects that count as a ‘full GCSE’ can count and many subjects that previously counted like the ASDAN Award no longer count. A restriction of only reporting 2 BTEC results regardless of how many of these qualification have been awarded to the student. For Monkseaton this has resulted in our curriculum now been made of mainly GCSE only qualifications with all students doing no more than two BTECs.

ASCL (the Association of Schools & College Leaders) have warned again that year on year comparisons need to be made with great caution as changes to specifications and entry patterns now make it very difficult to compare like for like. Next year new DfE Progress 8 and attainment 8 measures come into place and levels progress is discontinued. This year has been further complicated with this cohort having boycotted their Key Stage 2 SATs exams.