As a follow up to last week’s CPD Whole School CPD session where we introduced the staff to SOLO Taxonomy, we were very keen to find out what staff had done since the training.  We asked each department to spend the first 15 minutes of their Week 2 Department time responding to a questionnaire, created SOLO style.  You can see the questions in the gallery below.

Without fail, every department had tried to incorporate SOLO in their lessons.  Here’s a flavour of what some had done:

English: comparing the use of language used in two different texts; evaluating the concept of heroism; structuring extended writing responses

Maths: teaching perimeter, trigonometry, Surds and translations

Science: structuring questions on reaction rates; revision of topics taught to date this academic year; to structure co-operative learning of farming; to structure questions on the topic of statins

French and Spanish: to compare and contrast French and American cinematic box office success in 2015; to compare and contrast the Spanish immigration situation in France and the UK

History: used to teach the topic of Robin Hood and political literacy; to evaluate the policies surrounding Russia’s economic development; as a structure for interpreting a primary source

ICT: to facilitate structured self-assessment; to compare and contrast the functionality and usability of two different websites; to compare and contrast bitmap vs vector in 3D graphic design

Psychology and Sociology: self-assessment rubric on the topic of domestic violence; compare and contrast institutional aggression; linking topics