Week 2 of our CPD cycle sees staff working together in subject departments and clusters on a Teaching and Learning focused agenda. This week, we asked staff to carry out a work scrutiny on our usual pro-forma and to spend their time completing assessment of key pieces of work ahead of the data capture we have due.

Within departments, staff looked at a selection of books from across Key Stages 3, 4 and 5, focusing on the following:

  • the extent to which comments are linked to progress
  • the effectiveness of marking for literacy
  • the regularity and quality of students responses to marking
  • the level of praise and motivation delivered through marking
  • the effectiveness of peer and self-assessment
  • the extent to which differentiation is evident in books
  • the standard of presentation

Some departments carried this out as a peer task, whilst others completed it as a whole department.  Work scrutiny is something we have worked really hard on over the last couple of years, ensuring that it is a supportive and positive process.  There is so much good practice in books that it is always easy to be upbeat.  Staff are now used to the process and rather than it being seen in a judgmental way, it is regarded as another layer of sharing good practice.  It is because of the work scrutiny that DIRT and MAD time have become a valued and inherent part of lessons.

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