Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)


At Monkseaton High School, we believe careers education, advice and guidance form major elements of the compulsory curriculum for each student. Delivered through our pastoral programme and drop down days, we offer preparation for career choices and further education, as well as individual guidance and support. All students receive impartial careers advice from Angela Towes, our Connexions Adviser located in our careers hub in the atrium, at various points throughout their time at Monkseaton High School.

Our Aims
• To help students develop the skills and confidence to make realistic and informed decisions about their futures and to manage the transitions from one stage of their education, training and work to the next.
• To ensure that students develop the skills and attitudes necessary for success in adult and working life.
• To make students aware of the range of opportunities which are realistically available to them in higher education and training
• To equip students with the necessary decision-making skills to manage those same transitions.
• To develop in students an awareness of the wide variety of education, training and careers opportunities both locally and nationally.
• To foster links between the school, local businesses and further/higher education establishments.
• To enable students to experience the world of work and develop transferable skills, for example; independence; resilience; personal learning and thinking skills.
• To ensure that wherever possible, all young people leave the school to enter employment, further education or training.
• To maintain a culture of high aspirations.
• To promote equality of opportunity, embrace diversity, challenge stereotypes and ensure all students who require any extra assistance and guidance to reach their potential.
For the school CEIAG policy please click on the link CEIAG Policy.

Get Involved
If you would like to get involved in our CEIAG program please contact Gary Thompson (Assistant Headteacher/Careers Lead) at Monkseaton High School is currently building a community of employers and links with universities and colleges that can engage our students in work experience, talks, tours and events; to further embed CEIAG in our school curriculum.

If you would like to book an appointment with Angela Towes (Connexions Adviser) please email and a suitable time will be arranged with you and your child to attend our careers hub.
Please see the list of useful websites which explore careers, apprenticeships and further education in more detail.


For any further information please contact Careers Leader Gary Thompson