Sixth Form Bursary
The sixth form 16-19 Bursary is a scheme that provides financial help to people aged 16-19 participating in education or training in North Tyneside.  To be eligible you must be starting Year 12, 13 or 14 in September 2017; be aged between 16 and 18 before 31st August 2017 and be a full time student at Monkseaton High School.

In order to apply for this, please complete the bursary application form and submit it to the address at the local authority (listed at the bottom of the page). In order to be successful, evidence will be required as outlined in the appropriate section of the application. All decisions go before a panel made up of Heads of 6th Form.

The first deadline for round 1 applications for 2017-2018 is on September 16th 2016.

Click here for an application form

The bursary is a 2 tier system which involves 2 different levels of support. Please read the application carefully to be aware of what is available, but the criteria to access the 2 tiers are summarised below:-

Tier 1 – you must be in care or have left care having been in care for a minimum of 3 months from the age of 14; in receipt of Income Support (Universal Credits); in receipt of both Employment and Support Allowances (Universal Credit) and Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment.

Tier 1 allows students to access£1400 for the full academic year


Tier 2 – Discretionary – you are eligible for Free School Meals; a family in receipt of Working Tax Credits with a gross income of £17,500 or less; a young person aged 16-19 looking after a sick or disabled relative or families with a gross income household income below £30,000.

Tier 2 allows students to access £750 for the full academic year


In addition we will consider students experiencing hardship. The typical criteria to assess your application include:

  • Your particular circumstances and why you need a discretionary bursary
  • What you will use the discretionary bursary for i.e. a detailed account of how you will spend the money
  • Your household income. Usually we will only consider households with a gross income below £30,000, but special circumstances will be considered
  • The number of dependent children/young people in your household

The local authority will write to students to outline the dates of payment which are completed using a BACS system at the end of every half term.

Please be aware, payments are only released by the sixth form leadership if students have met the criteria below:

  • Attendance of over 95% (including lessons, tutorials, independent learning and enrichment lessons)
  • Have an excellent punctuality record
  • Are up to date with class, home and coursework
  • Are performing at an acceptable level based on their prior attainment.

Changes to Personal Circumstances
If any financial or personal circumstances change, please notify the local authority in writing as soon as possible. This can include if students were not originally entitled to the bursary when they started sixth form in September. If students stop attending school, their bursary will be cancelled immediately.

Where to Access Help?
As always the sixth form team will be happy to help any parents or students who would like support when completing the form.

Alternatively, please contact the local authority on the address of number below.

North Tyneside Schools’ 16 to 19 Bursary Scheme
North Tyneside Council
Langdale Gardens
NE28 0HG

North Tyneside Student Support Helpline (0191 643 2288)