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CPD Week 2 Departments Assessment 10/11/15

Week 2 of our CPD cycle sees staff working together in subject departments and clusters on a Teaching and Learning focused agenda. This week, we asked staff to carry out a work scrutiny on our usual pro-forma and to spend their time completing assessment of key pieces...

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CPD Week 4 Teach Meets 20/10/2015

This year, our T&L groups each have a very specific focus: Magenta Principles, Cooperative Learning, Montessori, Building Learning Power, SOLO Taxonomy, Innovative Teaching, Literacy, Numeracy and Student-Centred Research.  Staff meet once a week to work on their...

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CPD Week 1 Whole School 03/11/2015

Week One CPD is whole school and all of our teaching staff participate.  The sessions are internally led, sometimes by our Teaching and Learning Leaders and sometimes by one of our Teaching and Learning Groups.  This week's CPD was facilitated by our T&L Leaders,...

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